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Affilliate Marketing
Your best source for the best deals 

TempDeals.net is an aggregrator of shopping deals. It pulls information from all the top and well known coupon and deal aggregator websites, and presents them in a simple “Not-in-your-face” format. With filters and an easy to use interface, it hopes to make deals shopping a little more fun.

Microsoft XBox 
Keep Track of your social feeds and live scores on your Xbox One

XBox has the amazing Snap feature for multitasking, but its not used to its potential. X1Snap supercharges it, by allowing the user to have their facebook, twitter feeds and live sports scores in one place as they game and watch TV on the XBox One.

Browser Addons - Google Chrome
Need some place to hold your text quickly, Temp Note is here for you

This is an easy way to save any text which you want to share between two pages or windows of Google Chrome. Holds unlimited data! You will be surprised how often you end up using this. 

A fast easy, easy and temporary place for your bookmarks.

Often many links are relevant for only a little while and adding them to your Bookmarks dosent seem important enough. Just put them in Tempmarks, which is fast, easy, temporary place for your bookmarks.